Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 1330, Part 2: Anger as a means of motivation

Students who were selected to become board members of the Saturday Clinic met earlier today. While waiting for my friend to put things in his locker, I noticed that all the current board members were in a conference room near our lockers. THIS IS WHERE THE NEW BOARD MEMBERS ARE MEETING THE CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS (I thought). Well, I was very curious to see who was selected to be a board member over me. Is that overly dramatic of me? Of course it was.

Anyway, I see one of my classmates enter the room and I am PISSED to see who it is. I have no better word to describe the coursing anger that pulsed through my veins. THEY PICKED HER OVER ME?! HER?! OVER ME?! This is pretty much went on in my mind the entire lunch period. There I was, having lunch with my friends and I was seething. I mean not in a "don't-approach-her-for-fear-she-may-stab-me-with-her-plastic-fork" kind of way, but more "I-am-going-keep-letting-you-all-know-how-pissed-I-am" sort of way. I mean, I was crazy mean about it. Saying some really terrible things, trying to figure out how they could have possibly chosen her over me. I was probably unnecessarily mean about it.

The moral of this story is, I have decided to channel this anger into something more productive. Which is crushing all of my exams because honestly, if you picked her over me, you MUST be delusional. Now, I am going to ace every exam just to show you how absurdly crazy you were to pick her. HER!