Saturday, June 30, 2012

Days 1920-1930: Europe 2012 - Part 7 - Athens

This is the last of the European vacation series. I hope you've enjoyed it

The Temple of Zeus.
It is crazy to think how long this has been around, 2000 years+!

Feral cats are so cute.

Theatre of Dionyses (sp?)

Some ampitheatre at the Acropolis where they STILL perform!

The Erechtheum at the Acropolis.

My mother told me an interesting fact.
The hair on these women is down because when their hair was
up, the women could not hold up the building. Putting their
hair down allowed the statues to stand. Cool, right?

The Parthenon

So, this is one of six sights we could see on
our Acropolis ticket. I can't remember which
site this is, but what I can tell you is that it was
closed. At 3pm of all times.

So was this one.

This one too.

Can you imagine seeing this daily? Wow.

Days 1920-1930: Europe 2012 - Part 6 - Santorini

Our first day in Santorini involved a gorgeous sunset!

Black sand beach!

Taken at the Red Beach

My sister and I love hand-holding pictures of our parents.

Infamous blue church tops.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Days 1920-1930: Europe 2012 - Part 5 - Milan

My sister was forced to take popcorn kernels,
which led to attack of the pigeons!

Outside the Duomo -- the fourth largest cathedral in the world!

The floors of the Duomo. Future sartorial inspiration.

Inside the Duomo -- packed with people!

The archway to sartorial heaven -- Prada, Gucci, etc.

My mom touching an overly touched part
of the Duomo facade.

The Milanese version of Grand Central Station.

Delicious gelato at the corner of Grand Central
Milanese Station. Recommended by a local
Chinese-Italian citizen, crazy.

Day 1951: Happy birthday sister of mine!

To my darling sister (who doesn't read my blog), thanks for being amazing and not giving a hoot whether you look like a baller, a pimp, asleep or the beautiful person you are. I love you! Happy birthday!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Days 1920-1930: Europe 2012 - Part 4 - Pisa, Cinque Terre, Geno(v)a

What a ham my dad is.



All these pictures were my mom's idea!

In Vernazza, the fourth of five towns comprising Cinque Terre

The streets of Genoa (English: Genova)

A church? I think? In Genoa, that I know.

I love this building because it's all 2D!
None of the sculptures and arches on the facade are real!

The view from our hotel room. Gorgeoso!