Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 1073: And I thought I was done with forms...

...I am not.

I contacted the admissions office of the school I'll be attending and I found out I was supposed to send official transcripts to them. Uh, whoops? You know what's really obnoxious? I'm a loser who just had to attend four different undergraduate institutions. I thought one wasn't good enough, neither was two, nor was the third and settled on four as a nice round number.

One of the few good things about attending an expensive-as-all-get-out undergrad (the first one)? They don't charge for official transcripts. The three post-undergrad, post-baccalaureate institutions I attended all charge anywhere from $2 to $15 (as the cheapest, slowest options) for official transcripts. Ugh. Whatever. So, the majority of my morning was spent finding old student ID numbers, printing things, faxing things, paying for things, blah blah blah. It's all settled though.

I also called the financial aid office and they have all my forms! Yay! The woman, who sounded super sweet, said I should receive a financial aid package by the end of May. I wonder if Midwesterners move on their own timeframe or if end of May actually means end of May. Either way, the government better give me gobs of money. GOBS.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 1072: Taiwan Pictures, Part 1

 I knew my stay in Taiwan was going to be ab fab because
this Taiwanese pop group (I have no idea who they are)
were welcoming me to Taiwan. Yes.

 A view of Kaohsiung (a city in the south of Taiwan where
my mom is from!) from the High Speed Rail station

 A view from the car on the way to my Dad's parents house
in Ping Tung (a village also in the south of Taiwan)

 The view of some Chinese named mountain that I climbed
with my dad and my aunt whilst in Ping Tung

 A city street in Taipei (the capital of Taiwan)
(using my Hipstamatic app on my ipHone)

 The beginning (from one of the many "ends") of
(using Hipstamatic)

 Shilin Night Market

Taipei 101 (the infamous skyscraper in Taiwan)

 The entrance to the Imperial Palace in Taipei, Taiwan

 Getting closer to the actual palace

The outside of the Flora Expo in Taipei, Taiwan
(my dad was too lazy to buy tickets/enter, and my
cousin told us it was actual somewhat boring) 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 1070: I think I have avoidance issues

As you can see, it has been 70 days since I last posted. I want to say things haven't changed since Day 1000 and I can say that with about 67% accuracy.

The beauty of Blogger is, it lets me pre-post things and have them post later. So while I was posting collages for the Super Bowl (WHERE THE PACKERS WON!), I was actually in Taiwan! I visited relatives I haven't seen in 9 years! All I have to say about the trip was, it was quite a trip (both literally and figuratively). It was wonderful to see family and meet cousins I had never met and it was good to see where my parents came from and what they left in order to give my sister and I all the opportunities we have now.

Aside from Taiwan, things really haven't changed. I have stopped partaking in rat deaths neurosurgical researchy things because the main colleagues I work with have been away. Also, I'm just lazy and the past few months at the lab (before I stopped going) were very slow and I thought I could be spending my time more wisely. Am I? Spending my time more wisely? Uhhh, sure. I'm a big fat lollygagger (which apparently derives from lallygag, which I like the sound of more so I am now officially a lallygagger). I hang out at home and do homely things--cleaning, eating, more cleaning, more eating. I still work at my actual paid job, to pay the few bills I have (read: shopping addiction habit) so it's really a sweet life.

Besides, when school begins in mid-August (CRAP! I have to tell my NoLa school I'm not attending their school) all the brain cells I am currently stock-piling and putting on reserve will be used in full force. Therefore I am enjoying this lallygagging time fully and wholeheartedly.

Socially, I'm meeting new people which is good. It's good to use my social muscles, but I forgot how tiring it is to be constantly engaged with other people. It's good, don't get me wrong, but still tiring. Nevertheless, socializing is good. I think it makes my sister glad to know I'm not an unsociable hermit and quells my parents' unspoken fears that I will end up an old maid, haha.

Who likes all this text? Not me. Too much to read and I lose interest in myself pretty quickly. Thus, I shall leave and promise to a) post pictures of Taiwan, b) post more. PROMISE.