Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 1843: Lost phone!

Hello dear reader...s. In a completely sober state this weekend, as the designated driver for my friends celebrating the end of exams and beginning of spring break, I managed to lose my phone in a club. So. Goodbye ipHone. If any of you have been trying to contact me, please email me in the next few days until I get home to the Bay Area to buy a new phone. I have been using my sister's android phone to contact the important people in my life and I do not like it, haha. My sister mocked me saying "I'm not sure if you should get this phone, you suck at it." Well, SISTER, ...you're right. I suck at android phones. I'll probably just get Siri (aka the ipHone 4S) and be done with it. So, if any of you want to chat, just email me. I'll check it eventually.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 1837: To snow/study or not to snow/study.

Snow/study. What the heck is that Jess?

Welllll. Thanks for asking. It is 10:15. I have been awake since 8am, studying for my physiology exam tomorrow. I will leave for a quick run in about 40 minutes because it is 50-degrees outside. 5-0. Not 20, not 30, but 50. FIFTY. Remember this? That was two days ago. Most of the snow has melted and the weather is confoundingly warm.

Also, I am tired of studying. I know I need to. In order to review. And I'm sure I could use the studying (even though I have been way on top of studying for physiology this block, it's still a lot of information). But I am lazy. Luh-hey-zee.

Let's hope this run helps me get my act together and reinvigorates my desire to learn. As we all know, medical school waits for no one!

See you all tomorrow! Post-exam, home-free and very soon after, home-bound! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 1834: Live from medical school...

...it's Saturday night (vaguely) and I'm still alive!

While learning neurological things about our senses (taste, touch, smell, vision and hearing), I have decided our brains do some pretty intense stuff to process our sense. I must say, it's interesting, but not so interesting that I want to know where all the nuclei are for my cranial nerves. Does it matter if my trigeminal nuclei (both motor and sensory) are in my mid-pons? No. Do you know why? Read this paragraph, I sound so obnoxious!

These are words medical neuroscience has taught me: lemniscus, colliculus, geniculate, there are more. Variations on a theme really. Lateral lemniscus, medial lemniscus, superior colliculus, inferior colliculus, you get the drift. These are the most recent ones to come up on my list of many things to learn.

Dear medical school (especially neuroscience), if you could give me a super high A on this exam, I swear on my favorite clothes that I will be the best doctor ever. Love, Jess

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 1381: Quick update

Sorry for falling off the face of the earth. Attending lecture and studying takes a lot out of a girl!

I have shadowed my mentor (an opthamologist) twice. Look out for an entry about that in the next two weeks. I have exams coming up. Cell tissue biology tomorrow, neuroscience on Monday and then physiology on Thursday.

After that, I will be heading on a little weekend trip with some school friends. Then some sister time in southern California. Followed by some much needed family-and-friend time back home in the Bay Area.

Oh. I also have a pimple inside my right nostril that hurts like nobody's business.

(It's good to know I'm still random and medical school hasn't made me too boring just yet.)