Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 2752: Good-bye Agong.

Almost one year to the day that my grandmother died, her husband followed her into eternal life. Look. I'm not a terribly religious person. But an attending I worked with this year was a devout Catholic and when his father passed, he had the remembrance card (or whatever it's called) from his memorial and that's what the card said. Entered life = birth date. Entered eternal life = date of death.

Like my grandmother's death, I feel fine. I don't have a lot of emotions about this for a number of reasons. I only saw him a handful of times. We spoke the same language, but I didn't get remotely proficient at Mandarin until he was much too old to converse (due to some health setbacks and general old age). I feel sad that I couldn't have developed a better relationship with him, but I feel sadder that my Dad has lost both his parents in one year. I don't care how old or how sick people become, in the end, these old sick people are your parents and losing parents is awful and gut-wrenching and sad. So incredibly sad.

To more candid times. The last time I saw my grandfather. 2011.