Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 1324: Happy 2012!

Hello hello! I hope the end of 2011 treated you well and that 2012 began with a bang! Or, maybe not something so loud, but in whatever way that was fun and bang-worthy for you. Oh, speaking of "bang," I got bangs!

Anyway, I was all ready to post some reflective things before 2012 came into play but I was caught up in traveling back to Milwaukee on the 30th that I basically did a whole lot of nothing when I got back. Well, that's not true. I went to a party, two in fact! One at a classmate's house and another at Bruce's cousin's house. All were perfectly fine, nothing too exciting, which suits me just fine. Then I cleaned my room and apartment and prepared myself for the frigid weather (it was 19-degrees as a high on Monday!).

Classes began on Tuesday and it has been go-go ever since. I don't have my last "go" (as in go-go-go) because it's been a bit slow, picking it back up, but let me tell you, medical school waits for no one! I am trying something new and making flashcards to help me study for my classes this semester. I have the lovely cell tissue biology, physiology (a class I really enjoyed in post-bacc), medical interviewing, psychiatry (very basic stuff), and medical neuroscience (brains!) this semester.

I figured out some new learning strategies in hopes that I will have figured out medical school by the end of this semester block soon. I hope to write some reflective, emotional (boring!) things in the coming days so that it's not just the same ol' "school is hard" stuff. That gets so boring to write and to read I imagine.

On the agenda, a formalish ball with my classmates on Saturday -- dressing up! An optometrist appointment -- vision! A business-casual-esque meeting with academic deans next week -- semi-dressing up and schmoozing! Oh, and studying. Always studying.