Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 133: A quick update

Just saying "hey" before my SIP session starts.

I really hate physics and feel like I'm not getting anything (even though I did fine on my test). I'm going to be royally screwed when the MCAT roles around and I don't even know the equation for work. Ugh.

Mmm, I again, am feeling better and am adjusting myself as a person and friend? I know that sounds bad but it may be for the better.

I'm still kind of tired lately, which isn't good.

I realized I'm having a hard time with (E) and (Z) naming of compounds in Organic but that's nothing a little (or a lot) practice won't cure.

Sorry for the brevity but something's better than nothing :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 131: An Update

I'm feeling fine now. Nothing to worry about. Just a weird funk that I'm working my way out of but it's nothing ice cream/cheeseburgers/general goodness can't fix.

I got an A on my Physics test (phew!). I was worried I wouldn't see has how I taught myself but we're good.

Lots of Biology today. And that is all.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 130: Stuff

I'm sure you're all scintillated by the title of this entry. I find it quite descriptive and incredibly cliffhanger-like. And as I'm sure you all can tell, I've pretty much lost my mind.

I tend to keep this blog school-focused because a friend of mine said it's usually better, and less drama filled, when your business isn't all over the internet. That is true. However, I'm going to go into some feelings now so those of you who weren't looking for that well, you can stop reading now.

School is going fine. My social life is somewhat fine. Lately, I've been in a funk. Or several. My family's a little concerned and to be honest, I don't know if they should or shouldn't. That's how out of it I am. I can't even critically assess my own mental state and who the heck knows what that means. I still feel focused (academically anyway) and I'm developing more of a rapport with certain professors and that's all good, but I think personally and socially, I'm lacking.

I've got this amazing girlfriend Joy who is the bomb diggity. I'm attempting to emulate her because she is the shiz. She's married, in her mid-twenties and going to be a pharmacist. She's the best freaking person you could have as a friend and, sadly, even she can't make up for whatever I feel like I'm lacking right now.

I'm not feeling like myself (whoever that is) and I can't seem to shake it off. I guess I just need some time to figure it out ... or something. Maybe it'll come to me and I can rectify it. Or hopefully I can just snap out of it.

I'm hoping for an epiphany right now.

Alas, enough about me and now back to Organic and then Physics and then at some point Bio. My boyfriends ask so much of me.

Oh and I did fine on my Organic test and am awaiting the results from my Physics test. Meh. Whatever.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 123: The first organic exam

I think my first organic exam went well.

Fun fact, I asked the professor a question before the test and he was extremely helpful. After he answered my question, he asked me how I was feeling about the test. I told him, flat out, that I was going to ace it. We both laughed and then more conversation ensued.

On the test itself, I think my knowledge was sound and even though I got a little caught up in some of the nomenclature and there were certainly some questions I didn't get right away, I think it went okay. Better than biology I hope.

Anyhoo, I'm studying some biology now and then I'm off to read more organic and then I need to do some hard core studying for physics. Hard freaking core.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 119: The first Biology exam

I just took my Biology exam. It could have gone better. And I could have done better. She posted the answers to the exams right after class and I reiterate, I could have done better. I got an A, which was fine. But I was shooting for an A+. I think I walked in too overconfident and some of the questions were a little tricky. What it really boils down to is my annoyance at having made stupid mistakes. I really hate those. Ugh.

And of course I'm a little shaken by how low my A is so I can't focus on physics right now. Which is what I really need to be doing. And then my Organic exam is this Friday and I also need to get my game-face on for that.

You know what it is? I'm so used to acing Chem II exams and just kicking ass that not super-acing them throws me off. I need to just suck it up, shake it off and move on. Onto Physics!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 115: Studying for tests

I'm always wary of posting test dates because then my loquacious father always finds the need to bolster my study habits. Before you start, I'm studying. Already. So chill out.

Anyway, I've got two tests next week (Biology and Organic) and then Physics the week after. I'm going to ace all of them (and I say that sans cockiness but with craploads of studying to back up my knowledge train). Biology's just going to be a lot of memorization and it's a scantron test. Which I had to buy myself. I think going to a private school spoiled me to amenities such as provided scantrons and Blue Books. Organic doesn't seem too bad but I have to get my act together and a) actually buy myself a molecule set and b) practice Newman projections.

Eclipsed v. Staggered Conformations

B is interconnected to A so I think I need to just suck it up and buy it. I'm annoyed because mon nouveau ami Kevin won't just lend me his molecule set for a freaking week. Boys are so stupid.

Anyway, I hate physics. It is the bane of my existence and every day I walk into class, my soul dies a little. I am not exaggerating. This professor is the poster child for what not to do as a professor/old person. I am not kidding. He will fill an entire white-erase board with numbers and calculations and then look at it and forget a) everything he's done or b) what he was looking for. And I hate the book so I'm not learning well from that sucker either. I think I'm going to sell it and buy another more resourceful book. Maybe. I say a lot of things in theory while my implementation is only so-so.

I love SIP. I am SO glad I chose to do it. All the pros override the cons I was holding about this decision. SIP leader-wise, I've met a gaggle of wonderful people. SIP leading/session-wise, I'm lucky and have at least two people per session. I'm learning a lot of names and meeting a lot of people and it's going well. I hope to be a good leader and/or motivator to get them to do well and succeed. In general, I'm working on perfecting the SIP leading technique and I'm expecting more people per session in lieu of the upcoming test on 9/25.

I do apologize for not blogging enough but I'm working on it. I'll blog more next week post-(each?)tests to keep you all in the loop.