Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 1334: Something you're reading

Today's picture: Something you're reading

A) I may have oversaturated this picture. Oh well.

B) As you can see, this is a pile of books I have on my "wish I could read but I have enough trouble reading med school things" list. I have read On the Road before and The Sartorialist is a great little book to flip through when I'm feeling bored with my wardrobe. The books I really want to read though are Alphabet Juice (which a pal bought for me at a used book store back home in California), The Hobbit (Danny's favorite book ever which he has so kindly lent me) and my most recent personal purchase 10 Billion Days and 100 Billion Nights (I heard about this book on NPR and love the idea of it! WAIT. THERE'S A KINDLE EDITION I COULD HAVE BOUGHT FOR CHEAPER?!) I'll let you know if I actually read any of these things. School is such a time-suck.

AND! A fun little after thought. This was the Google Doodle today (somewhere in the world). How fortuitous because I was just listening to a story about the Taiwanese election yesterday.