Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 1329: Daily routine and more school grouchiness.

Today's picture: daily routine

My cute little lunch pail, backpack and library desk and chair.
As usual, I have been unfocused since school began. I mean, not terribly unfocused. I think after two glorious weeks of nothing, I am re-acclimating myself to learning (a lot). I think part of the problem is, we are learning all new information. It feels like I am starting back at square one. I need to figure out what the professor(s) wants and drill it into my brain.

  • Cell tissue biology is boring.
  • Medical neuroscience is boring.
  • Physiology is not interesting yet (I loved this class in my post-bacc program and med school has managed to ruin it by making it detail-heavy!)
Alas, I will find a way to get my groove back. And when that happens, you can call me Stella!