Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 3127: So many interviews

Oh my gosh. Since I last posted, I have had five more interviews. I should have been blogging about each program as they happened but a lot of the time I was processing what the heck happened that day and to figure out if I would fit in, etc etc. 

So, I suppose what I will comment on now is how exhausting it is to travel so regularly. On top of the hecticness of getting to and from every place is having to be "on" for so many days at a time. We are all on our best behavior, trying to make a positive impression, it's a little Bachelor-esque if you ask me. Please please please pick me! I want the rose! It is both desperate in how hard we are all trying and necessary because how else am I supposed to get a job if I don't make a good day-long impression.

My last interview in November was mid-November in California so I have been spending time with friends and family. It has been relaxing and also annoying. Annoying because Southern California traffic is about as enjoyable as an incarcerated hernia (very painful because your bowel is dying). I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family and then it is back on the interview trail December 1st. 6 more to go until 2015 rolls in! Yowza!