Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 374: Movin' on!

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the absurdly large delay between posts but who knew between taking an MCAT (which I wish not to speculate about, however, it went just fine) and working and packing up your life that, well, I wouldn't have time to blog about my life? (Not me.) I have (thusfar) sent home 9 boxes. Another one will probably be sent before I leave.

Anyhoo, what has been up? Well, I went out with some friends the night after my MCAT and had a blast. I've actually made some really incredible friends out here and I'll be really sad to leave them. Not sad enough though :P I can't wait to get back to Cali. I miss dry heat. And Cali sun. And liberal ideas. haha, although, I'm not pleased with the California Supreme Court at the moment.

Here is what's going on over the next few weeks.

  • I work this weekend (Saturday and Sunday).
  • I check out of my complex and leave for Charlotte-esque on Monday, June 1.
  • I fly out to New York on June 2.
  • I fly back to Charlotte (with my gal-pal Tori) on June 10.
  • I leave for Cali with Tori (meaning, in my car) June 12. I'm trying to decide if I should stay with my friend, Joy, in Arkansas (free housing and most likely free food) for a day. She lives 2 hours off the main highway heading west but it is free housing and food and general relaxation before continuing on Tori and my three-day-12-hours-a-day-driving jaunt.
  • Next we're off to New Mexico then to the City of Angels (aka Los Angeles aka the city where Jessica's soul dies). Tori has never been so we're going to check out the sights and maybe go out one night.
  • Then, I finally get home. Finally! I can't freaking wait!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 365: What a difference a year makes!

Today is my 365th day of this whole journey. It's amazing what can happen in a year.

I wish I had more to say but I'm definitely going to bed to do a whole bunch of nothing tomorrow and then MCAT on Friday. I'll have more to post then (in regards to the exam and life in general) and I'll update you all on what's happening post-MCAT.

So, no talk of luck and stuff please. I'm not taking any MCAT wishes tomorrow. I'm just going to rock it out on Friday.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 361: A few events

Let's see, I have a new MCAT schedule.

6am (ish) : Wake up
6:15ish - 7am : Workout
7amish : Shower, prepare for day
8am : Begin MCAT online
1pmish: Complete full MCAT

Afterwards, relax a bit.

After relaxation, get back into MCATing. Review what I did not understand/could not answer. Learn. The whole shebang.

You know, I forgot how long and draining a five-hour exam is. Whew! I was pooped yesterday!

The plan is (for my parents who are ever so pressed about it) to follow this schedule until Wednesday. Thursday (5/21) I'm not doing a darn thing. I'm going to sit around and be lazy. Just get my head on straight.

For those of you who read this and would like to encourage me, please don't. I have heard/read that the day before a big test (of any sort, e.g., LSAT, MCAT, GRE, etc) that there should be no mention of the exam whatsoever. So, please don't wish me luck or ask me how I feel or any of that. I need to get relaxed and mentally ready. Spankyouverymuch.

Friday is the big freaking day. Eep!

Anyway, to inform you of the most recent events in my life:
  • Went running with my friend's girlfriend at 6am! That was sweet. Workout buddies truly are key to sticking with it.

  • My friend (who has left for home) called me in a drunken stupor last night. That was pretty enjoyable. I was completely amused by it and even though he woke me up from a formidable slumber, it was worth it. He was completely wasted.

  • Skype-d with my BFFFH last night, she's the best.

  • I'm in a fight with my sister (which is never good)

  • The TV I have been watching has finally been taken back by it's owner so now I'm TV-less. Which is fine. Luckily, I got to see my season finales Thursday night before she took it.
  • ohmygodohmygodohmygod. The Office.
  • I'm almost done reading "Pride & Prejudice" (I never read it in high school even though I was supposed to :\) ... I finally get what all the fuss about Jane Austen is about.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 359: An update

For the wonderful few of you who have commented and/or emailed and/or been generally grand people, here is what is going on in my life:

Lots and lots of MCAT-ing. Today I calculated that I need to do about 200 questions (at least) per day in some subject or other. I take an online MCAT (a portion of it anyway) everyday. And I just go through as much of these books as possible. I have actually acquired more since I took this picture (a couple of months ago).

I looked into where I'm taking the exam next Friday (!!) and it's a 7 minute drive so I'll try and get there a bit early. I think I'm going to work out that morning so I'm clear headed and have all my stuff ready the night before (food, and that's about it. I don't think I get a pen/pencil.) I am so hyped for this test.

All of you have been incredibly supportive of this journey and it's all coming together next Friday. Thank you for believing in me even when I wasn't believing in much of anything. It means the world to me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 357: Twice in one day, I know.

Now onto school-related business, I barely passed Physics (it seems) and I am incredibly grateful. I really hate physics. Hence, it is the subject I'm going to focus on for the MCAT. My Physics grade is by far my weakest/lowest grade so I need to rock Physical Sciences on the MCAT to prove that I know this stuff (even if I only sort of do ;P).

Anyway, I ranked in the top 10 for my Physiology class (out of about 200 people).

It's sweet, but it could have been sweeter if I was in the top 5 like my friend. And we compete. In Physics and Physiology (the classes we have together) and I'm pretty sure he beat me in both. Which is lame. Whatever. I'm going to revel in this top 10 ranking and passing Physics.

I should be more worried (or at all?) about my Organic grade. I'm not. The standardized final was not as bad as I thought and I don't know. I would have had to uber-screw up the final to not pass so I'm just kind of winging that grade.

Edited to add: Totally passed Organic II! Just waiting on Physics II and Organic lab grades.

Day 357: Stupid roosters

Hello everyone!

I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I have been hearing rooster crows for the past few months. At first, I thought I was imagining it. Or I found it amusing. Or something. I can't remember. All I know is, I was real confused as to why a rooster was crowing at all hours of the day (not solely in the morning).

Anyhoo, my roommate and her boyfriend came home a few weeks ago and heard the same thing and thought it was my TV show or something. (It wasn't.) They saw a car drive by that night (while they were out on the porch) and heard a rooster crow sound coming out of the car so they assumed it was the horn sound (who would choose a rooster crow as a horn sound is another question altogether). My roommate's boyfriend called the police and nothing was really done about it.

Well, the other morning when I got up to work out, I saw this stupid little bird and it was far away so I couldn't see if it was a chicken or rooster. Well, I didn't have to look/squint much longer because it tucked its stupid head back and let out a big fat crow. And I said to myself (at six o' clock in the morning), "I am going to shoot that damn bird." Granted, I don't own a gun and have never shot one, BUT the sentiment is true.

Anyway, I thought maybe I was still being crazy (because it was far away and rather early), but I went for a run outside this morning and I ran by three stupid roosters! THREE! Now I have three birds I need to shoot. One must crow in the morning, the second in the afternoon and the third must crow in the evening.

I wonder what rooster meat tastes like.
I hope it's like chicken...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 356: The end! Really!

And it's all over. I had an Organic lab final on Saturday (Saturday!) and that was fine. Took my standardized Organic final this morning. I was out of there at 9:50am and I am (essentially) done with my premed requisites! I relaxed today and tomorrow is day 10 until the MCAT. And I am stoked. I am going to kick that test's butt. Forreal. It's going to be sweet.

Anyway, just wanted to share this with you. (I like that it's Asian!)

I'm done!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 353: One down, two to go!

Two more finals people.

Physio was tough this morning but I'm tight with one of my professors and she "expected a high grade" from me so that was very sweet. She believes in my abilities, how kind. And she's super on point. My final was at 8am this morning. Final grades were posted around 2pm. Passed the class, so I'm happy.

Organic lab final tomorrow (on a Saturday, I know), a friend's birthday party, Organic final on Monday and I am done-zo! I will hopefully be hanging out with Joy at some point. Anyway, I have decided to give myself Monday to chillax (and some of Tuesday) and then I am studying hardcore for the MCAT. I am totally going to 47 the MCAT. (It's out of 45 but I'm going to rock it so hard they're going to have to give me two extra points :P)

I'm off to bed (because Organic lab techniques are boring as heck!) but I'll catch you all on the flip side.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 352: What a good day!

I studied. I learned. I saw and spoke to people I've wanted to see and speak to. I think life is pretty sweet right now.

I'm going to ace my physiology final tomorrow. In case any of you are wondering.

Anyway, to elaborate, I saw an old SIP student I had from last semester (let's call her Jill). She is super freakin' cute and it was SO great to see her. To make it even better, I spoke to Joy! We haven't spoken (or seen each other) in ages and it was amazing to hear her voice. She's still the best freaking Joy.

So, I'm watching "The Office" and Jim and Pam are so cute and life is good today.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 350: Holy cow! Class is over!

I can't believe it! I'm really done. How insane!

Granted, I have three finals, but whatever. I took my last physics test today and it went fine. I'm done with physics (no final) so that's all I care about. I'll come out with whatever grade I come out with.

I had my last physiology quiz today and that also went fine. The reproductive system ... sexy.

Got my Organic exam back, could have done better, but again, that's over and done with. I spoke with Dr. Red today to just catch up (however briefly) and he says he's not worried about me (grade-wise) at all so that was nice to hear. He's a really fantastic professor and I'm quite sad I can't take him for Biochemistry next semester.

The love-of-my-life did not come to final SIP session today and I couldn't close the deal yesterday when we chatted (for a hot second) so my true love and I are not meant-to-be it seems. Tear.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 346: Some updates

My Organic exam went well enough today. I was for-serious about acing it and I hope I did.

My Physics professor finally handed our exams back. It was pretty terrible. I mean, I did well enough but it was by no means an A. It's okay, he seems really fair about the whole situation so I'm really not that worried about my grade. (I may have just hit an "I'm-over-school" plateau)

Lastly, I think you should all know I'm in love. I informed my family today. I totally heart this kid. It's so crazy. But in all seriousness, he's cute and smart and driven and he's a man-with-a-plan. Too bad he doesn't like me. But that is just a minor detail ;)

Studying for my last Physics test this weekend. As well as completing my final organic labs (I'm so done with this notebook business). And cleaning my apartment. And all these other good things.