Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 2139: Merry Christmas Eve

Hello one and all!

After torrential (for California anyway) rain yesterday, the sun decided to come out to say hello! It was gloriously warm and beautiful out today. Perfect for a hike at the dish with a lovely pal! It's always great to have exercise dates with girlfriends. It's a wonderful way to catch up and be active and healthy and other touchy-feely crap.

Just wanted to wish you all a happy, safe, love-filled Christmas Eve. I am so very thankful for all of you in my life and, even though none of you comment (this is not a passive aggressive statement), I know that you read this and are kind enough to want to stay updated on my life. So thank you, truly.

Have a merry one!

A picture I took at San Jose's Christmas in the Park

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 2135: Home, at last.

Okay. So. This blog title is about 6 days too late, but a lot has happened since I have been home.

I took my pharmacology final, which, as expected, was a lot of bloody information. However, it is over and I am positive that I passed the class so hooray! The most difficult class of my M2 year, done-zo!

I flew home on Friday (the 14th) and there was a party on Saturday for all these little MBA-wannabes that my parents know so I was quite the left-out-duck in regards to conversation. The rest of the week has been a blur of seeing friends and hanging out. I am currently attempting this while listening to this.

I know this was a boring update post but someone's gotta do it. Pictures coming soon!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 2125: The strangest day.

Okay. Before I finally get in to my clinical exam and reasoning (CER) studying, I must tell you about my day.

9am: Exam. Ooph. I did okay, which is to be expected. I kind of let pathology go to the wind this block mainly because I am scared sh!tless for my cumulative pharm final on Thursday (so soon).

11am: I go to Sephora to pick something up for my sister and the item they said they had in stock was not actually in stock. Lame. It's fine. I did this to my nails while I was there. (This = painted them different shades of blue. Then I came home and painted the bases gold. Eureka.)

12:30pm: My friend CM decided to make fudge on a whim. It was delicious and she was kind enough to send me some so that a) we could be little fudgester-pudgesters together and b) she was sending me a sweet little exam-week gift. Well. This is what I received in the mail.

Instead of fudge, I got a paperback 2012 Annotated Brothers Grimm. I sent CM a text (being confused about the package and sending her a picture of the book) asking her if I was missing something, and you better believe that girl was pissed. Where is the fudge? See those green stickers? Someone opened my box, took my plastic containers filled with fudge, put this book in, and sealed it with stickers. What? What?? WHAT??? She is Type A (like me!) so she called USPS Customer Service and let them know what happened. The USPS Customer Service woman said she had never heard something like that happening. WHAT???? Where. Is. My. FUDGE?!

12:40pm: I open an unknown package to discover this!

Danny bought me these coral pillow covers that I have been lusting because I desperately need some more colorful pillows to make my boring mauve-gray couch more exciting. I LOVE THEM. (I have been making strange grunting sounds of joy whenever I see them haha)

4:30pm: Where has the day gone? I think I studied. It's hard to say.

5:00pm: I dropped my phone (what's new?) and the speakers freaked out. All the sound coming out of it was garbled, like it was underwater. Then, after a few shake-shake-shakes, it was fixed! I kissed my phone so hard to thank it for believing in me and staying alive!

Until Now: I finally got focused and unafraid to tackle the large, large amounts of pharmacology I have to learn/relearn/refamiliarize myself with by Thursday.

Now: it's time to actually learn my stupid CER bull-malarkey.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 2124: I'm so bored.

I am sure I have posted this title before. However, it doesn't stop it from being true. I have been studying all weekend and with rainy, dreary weather to accompany me, it's amazing I haven't tried to sleep my life away.

Anyway, I am so bored with every aspect of my life that I am blogging to pass the boredom (and in hopes of getting my last bit of motivation together to review my last few topics).

Train of thought blogging. Go! I spoke to my pal LC (whom I met at my friend's bachelorette/wedding) and I adore her. We spoke for an hour and my life was just about complete. I perused eBay all day and didn't win some jeans I bid on. But then I won some other jeans. Here are (Instagram) pictures I have taken today to try to evade studying...

This is how I study...with recycled paper and lots of writing.

Study food. Savory oatmeal = almonds, beans, onions,
cheese and a bit of garlic powder. Amazing.

I am so everywhere right now. I'm sure you can't tell. I hide it veryyyyyyy well. Okay, I have obviously lost my mind. I'm going to go search for it in the recycling bin.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 2121: Chugging along

Oh hey! Fancy meeting you here!

I am taking another break to blog because the way my life looks right now (see below) would make anyone go crazy.

Anyway, my eye has stopped twitching. I realized a few days later that it was twitching most likely as a result of a slight corneal scratch. I have to tell you, when my eye was twitching, I was convinced it was stress. So, all of Sunday and Monday, I was a sh!tshow (study-wise). The twitching eye felt like a constant reminder of how stressed I was and, as a result, my studying quality was greatly diminished (and my stress level probably increased exponentially because I was so stressed about not being able to study well).

It's okay. In spite of it all, there is, somehow, time in the day to learn drugs. And some pathology. But a very small amount. Right now, it's pharm pharm pharm. Path will start tomorrow (afternoon) at the earliest, and then continue throughout the weekend until my exam Monday morning.

Boring update over. Back to studying. Gym at 10pm with a friend. Rinse. Repeat.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 2116: The countdown begins

I feel like this post title will be recycled. I will have lots of countdowns in the next six months, this being the first one -- the countdown to finals/winter break. In the next 13 days, I will have completed my first semester of my second year. I have a pathology exam, CER (Clinical Exam and Reasoning) exam and the dreaded cumulative pharmacology final. At this point, I am taking a much needed study break to blog. Exciting. I know. I am amidst learning the last 100-or-so drugs for Block 4 and then I have about 10 days to review the previous 400 drugs. No big deal. (INTERNAL FREAK OUT IMMINENT.)

PS, my eye has been twitching non-stop for two hours since this post. I need to de-stress/calm down.