Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 2044: Better late than never

Here, better late than never, are some pictures from my life.

New highlights!

My wonderful classmate helped me pick up my new couch.
Uhh...I may have forgotten to tell him I live on the second floor :\

There she is, my gray/mauve beauty of a sectional couch!

Also, I am finally starting to get my studying act together. Granted, I have already missed 30 something drugs in pharmacology, but it's fine. That's what weekends are for, right? Like I said, I'm glad my studying bug kicked in better late than never.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 2042: Results plus a couch.

Hello everyone!

The partial credit for my pharmacology exam was essentially nonexistent, so, as anticipated (however disappointedly (which apparently isn't a word according to my red underline courtesy of Firefox)), I passed pharmacology. What I really wanted to was to kill it with a skillet. Oh well. Such is life.

Pathology went gobs better. I don't know what a 90 is, but I'm pretty sure that's above a pass. Whoopee!

Today was given up to me not being ready to study. We have tons more to learn this block, for pharmacology in particular (20 lectures versus block one's 10...eep!), and yet, the motivation is not here it. Don't worry. It'll come back. ...I hope it does anyway... ;)

Oh! I bought a couch. I would link a picture, but the picture on the website is inaccurate. I have a microfiber suede couch, not leather. Anyhoo, a classmate of mine has a pick-up truck and he was kind enough to say 'yes' when I asked if he would help me pick up the couch and move it. So, I think when that is dealt with, I will feel infinitely more ready to study. ...I hope. Haha.

In other news, my darling boyfriend designed a t-shirt for my class/school. He's kind of the best artist ever so my class/school is more than lucky to have his work. I will reveal it in two weeks when everyone else actually receives them.

Okay, I'm off to bed! As my pal Tigger would say, ta ta for now!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 2027: Late night gyming conundrum.

I went to the gym at 11pm today last night (apparently it is Thursday and no longer Wednesday). I was pretty tired and worn out from studying and the gym was very invigorating. However, now I am awake, with little desire to study (this is why I no longer gym at 7pm, the rest of my night is shot for studying!) and just not quite willing to go to sleep yet.

Anyway, in other non-gym news, my darling friend Sandy is getting married and she invited me to be in her bridal party! I am honored and so gosh-darn excited for her!

Pathology exam on Friday at 2:30pm. Who tests that late? I should be out shopping for joy (or sorrow, depending on how the exam goes) at that time of the day.

I highlighted my hair. I was going for the ombre hair effect, but the stylist said that it would actually be more maintenance than I thought. I need to take a good picture of my hair and then I will show you all what the new hair looks like.

Oh! They posted the pharm exam answers and it looks like I passed! This "pass" entails me assuming they will give me zero partial credit for my answers and also assuming the answers I got "wrong" were actually wrong and not one of the possible answers they just didn't write down.

Now back to more not-studying-and-not-sleeping. I promise to write a more scintillating blog post next!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 2024: The waiting begins...

Okay. So. Okay.

Pharmacology exams are all short answer or fill in the blank. This is the perfect test taking method for me. No multiple choice confusion. Just me. And yet, perhaps because it was the first exam, I still managed to make stupid mistakes. Since the exam is fill in the blank, it will take the professors roughly one week for them to return our exams to us. Despite how absurdly well-prepared I was, I am just hoping to pass. What I really wanted was a solid A or even a B, but right now, I just want to see how I did so I know what to do for the next exam.

Anyway, with pharm over, I have three days to study for pathology on Friday. Then, I will buy myself a couch this weekend. If that isn't retail therapy at its finest, I am not sure what is.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 2020: Motivate me please.

I am completely not motivated to study. I have exams next week, Pharmacology on Monday, Pathology on Friday. I am currently listening to/watching the Democratic National Convention (don't worry, I watched the Republican Convention too) and putzing around on the internet because my desire to remember the difference between timolol, propranolol, metolol, esmolol, carvedilol and labetalol is slim, to say the least. For your information, those 6 beta-blockers I just mentioned are just 6 of the ...50?ish drugs I need to learn. I know them but don't know them.

Remind me again why I am in medical school? This is no fun at all.

PS, my couch is leaving me Sunday. (The owner is coming to collect it, 13 months after leaving it in my possession.) I need to get a new one. Stat.

Also, Jess. Thank you for my card! I need to take a picture of it and post it here for all to admire :)