Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 1328: News, somethings new and balls.

News: I was rejected (aka not chosen) to be a board member for the Saturday Clinic (for the uninsured) that my school's students run. Oh well. I'm not terribly upset by it but it would have been nice to be chosen.

Something new: I want to do this (see below)

It will force me to blog every day (much to the chagrin of my mother, I'm sure) and let's be real. I'm not studying all 16 hours I'm awake. And of course I will begin this tomorrow (January 9th) since it is a) almost 9pm, b) it is dark outside, c) I am inside at my school library.

More something new: I think it is time to post pictures of myself. Why? Every good, highly-visited blog has pictures of the person on their blog. I have finally accepted the fact that I am not as important or stalk-able as I think I am and I should therefore have my picture up.

More, more something new: I gave a tour of my school on Friday! I showed applicants where everything was (library, student lounge, classrooms, etc) and was terribly myself (aka crazy and probably intense). My friend AO was so funny. She came on the tour with me and was so confused when I was sweet and kind and actually (gasp!) friendly to the applicants. I tried to forewarn them all that medical school is a terrible, horrible thing that everyone should avoid but they weren't interested in that spiel (I wonder why). Overall, the tour was a lot of fun and I hope I see some of those applicants next year!

Balls: I went to a ball (aka dance) last night! I took Bruce/Danny (he wants the world to know who he is!) to the ball and it was ...a decent amount of fun. I wasn't blown away by the ball but it was still fun to be dressed up with friends and classmates. The beginning of picture posts! Two images below!

I actually like all the people (my classmates) in this picture! Shocker!

Me and Danny