Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 255: Lots of things to say.

To make this easier on the eyes, I'm going to bullet the things I've been meaning to tell all five of you :)
  • I have had a full week of labs this week and they are going to be hard work! I'm glad to be done with labs by Tuesday but man, a full day of labs on Tuesday? That is a looong day.

  • I am just about done applying to internships (yay!). I'll find out in March so, yeah.

  • I helped some old SIP kids/friends with Physics I homework Tuesday night. I felt tres smart and I actually helped them, which was the biggest surprise. I managed to answer all their questions and help them answer all their homework problems.

  • I have started my SIP sessions for Chemistry I. I'm really glad to be SIPing for this class because I didn't learn it very well over the summer so this will be a great refresher.
You know, I thought I had more, but I guess that's all I can remember right now.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 251: Physics frustration and knowledge entropy!

You know, I forgot how annoying Physics is. I've been doing my assigned problems for about 2 hours now. And I still don't get them. UGH. I mean, I get the problems in the book, but then the numbers (within the problem) change and then the math gets fuzzier. F-you fuzzy numbers! Grrrr...

I was much more productive today than I have been in days past. I think it helps when I haul my butt out of my room (and away from my computer and this evil thing called the internet) and sprawl all over the living room. Here is a fun science analogy.

Entropy is a scientific term describing the disorder of things. Things (in nature, life, and science) occur spontaneously (naturally, without at input of energy/work) the more disorder there is. Therefore, based on the disorder of the living room (as a result of books, papers, writing utensils, etc) ... I'm going to say the flow of knowledge is spontaneous. And I suppose that last bit was a bit of a stretch but hey, the analogy worked!

A picture I took using my phone (of my entropy!)...

Knowledge! Whee!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 247: The first real day of school

I had all my classes today. Physiology at 8 am (packed!). Organic II at 9 am (same old Dr. Red). Physics II at 10 am with the new professor (I'm feeling good about him; thusfar, he's coherent which is more than I can say for last semester's professor). And then an hour break and then SIP for Chem I. It was a day, that's for sure. And I'm done by 1pm, which is sweet.

My classes are going to difficult, but nothing I can't handle. I just need to get a hard-core study schedule together and then I'll be good. Physiology is going to be great. Organic II is going to be party (filled with lots of work, but I'm excited). And I may actually learn Physics this semester. Shock, I know.

Oh and I saw ... what's his name ... I keep forgetting all these fake names I give people ... anyway, the one I used to hang out with religiously and everyone thought we were dating? Yeah, that guy. Saw him for the first time since half past never. It was fine. I've decided boys are idiots because they're the ones that don't know what they want and are flighty. Pfft, good thing I'm going to kick his ass on the MCAT. Ha! Suck on that!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 246: Snow Day!

I love this city. I mean seriously. Who closes most schools as a result of 2 inches of snow on the ground? What wimps! Ashley and I walked in FEET of snow to RA selection the day after a frickin' blizzard. I mean come on people. I think they freak out when things that aren't water start to fall out of the sky. They just don't know what to do with themselves. It's hilarious.

I still had class (a delay until 10 am) but one of the other universities in town canceled class. How absurd!

Anyway, here are some pictures from my window and of my balcony. (Snow-covered!)

The pool doesn't freeze because of water's specific heat capacity.

Snow-covered everything!

Snow on the balcony!

Anyhoo, I had Physiology lab today. Apparently the course instructor is my lab instructor as well. That's good face time, I think. And I didn't know if I had Organic II lab today so ... I didn't go? Whatever dude. The O-Chem lab coordinator loves me so even if he's not my exact instructor ... whatever. He'll give me an A. I'm being over-confident, I know. I'm still going to work my butt off, don't worry. It just helps that me and most of the Chemistry department are BFFs. Seriously.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 242: And I'm back!

So I'm back in North Carolina and it is cold. I love that California is having a warm front and the east coast is having a crazy cold front. Love it.

Anyway, I got back to NC Tuesday night. It's taken me some time to get acclimated. There was a little issue with the apartment (involving someone staying in my room even after my roommate left...yeah...don't worry about it) and that was settled pretty quickly. Even so, I can't quite get back into studying. It's taken longer than anticipated? I think this is why I gave myself a week. It's been a slow process -- waking up earlier, getting back into science, et cetera.

Let's see, since I've been back I have...
  • Cleaned my room and bathroom (quite necessary)

  • Done laundry (today actually! Needed to wash the slept-in-but-not-by-me sheets)

  • Bought $100-worth of groceries (I'm eating healthy this year, promise.)

  • Researched and applied to summer internships (I'm not expecting anything, but I'm hoping like crazy!)

  • Worked out (thank goodness! I want abs this year too!)

  • "Studied" (quotations are key)
Oh! My Physiology professor has emailed the class a few times. It's going to be a ton of work but I'm excited. Now I'll have to learn to split my time between Organic and Physiology. Physics will get it's time...eventually :P Anyway, one of her e-mails said that by the end of the semester, we will know what they're talking about on shows like ER and CSI.

Um, I watch CSI. So does my mom. My sister watches Miami. How sweet will that be to go home and tell them exactly what's going on -- in layman terms? Pretty frickin'. Besides, someone has to know what's going on (since the actors obviously don't, ha!)

I'll let you know how life goes as I head back to no social life (I've dropped all those losers), lots of school (LOTS) , MCAT prep (I need to get that organized) and working out (my form of sanity).