Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 357: Twice in one day, I know.

Now onto school-related business, I barely passed Physics (it seems) and I am incredibly grateful. I really hate physics. Hence, it is the subject I'm going to focus on for the MCAT. My Physics grade is by far my weakest/lowest grade so I need to rock Physical Sciences on the MCAT to prove that I know this stuff (even if I only sort of do ;P).

Anyway, I ranked in the top 10 for my Physiology class (out of about 200 people).

It's sweet, but it could have been sweeter if I was in the top 5 like my friend. And we compete. In Physics and Physiology (the classes we have together) and I'm pretty sure he beat me in both. Which is lame. Whatever. I'm going to revel in this top 10 ranking and passing Physics.

I should be more worried (or at all?) about my Organic grade. I'm not. The standardized final was not as bad as I thought and I don't know. I would have had to uber-screw up the final to not pass so I'm just kind of winging that grade.

Edited to add: Totally passed Organic II! Just waiting on Physics II and Organic lab grades.


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Wooo! Rock it!

Super congrats on being done by the way. How are you spending your time now that you aren't having to study up the walls? Hopefully not by studying up the walls for the MCAT?