Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 361: A few events

Let's see, I have a new MCAT schedule.

6am (ish) : Wake up
6:15ish - 7am : Workout
7amish : Shower, prepare for day
8am : Begin MCAT online
1pmish: Complete full MCAT

Afterwards, relax a bit.

After relaxation, get back into MCATing. Review what I did not understand/could not answer. Learn. The whole shebang.

You know, I forgot how long and draining a five-hour exam is. Whew! I was pooped yesterday!

The plan is (for my parents who are ever so pressed about it) to follow this schedule until Wednesday. Thursday (5/21) I'm not doing a darn thing. I'm going to sit around and be lazy. Just get my head on straight.

For those of you who read this and would like to encourage me, please don't. I have heard/read that the day before a big test (of any sort, e.g., LSAT, MCAT, GRE, etc) that there should be no mention of the exam whatsoever. So, please don't wish me luck or ask me how I feel or any of that. I need to get relaxed and mentally ready. Spankyouverymuch.

Friday is the big freaking day. Eep!

Anyway, to inform you of the most recent events in my life:
  • Went running with my friend's girlfriend at 6am! That was sweet. Workout buddies truly are key to sticking with it.

  • My friend (who has left for home) called me in a drunken stupor last night. That was pretty enjoyable. I was completely amused by it and even though he woke me up from a formidable slumber, it was worth it. He was completely wasted.

  • Skype-d with my BFFFH last night, she's the best.

  • I'm in a fight with my sister (which is never good)

  • The TV I have been watching has finally been taken back by it's owner so now I'm TV-less. Which is fine. Luckily, I got to see my season finales Thursday night before she took it.
  • ohmygodohmygodohmygod. The Office.
  • I'm almost done reading "Pride & Prejudice" (I never read it in high school even though I was supposed to :\) ... I finally get what all the fuss about Jane Austen is about.