Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 350: Holy cow! Class is over!

I can't believe it! I'm really done. How insane!

Granted, I have three finals, but whatever. I took my last physics test today and it went fine. I'm done with physics (no final) so that's all I care about. I'll come out with whatever grade I come out with.

I had my last physiology quiz today and that also went fine. The reproductive system ... sexy.

Got my Organic exam back, could have done better, but again, that's over and done with. I spoke with Dr. Red today to just catch up (however briefly) and he says he's not worried about me (grade-wise) at all so that was nice to hear. He's a really fantastic professor and I'm quite sad I can't take him for Biochemistry next semester.

The love-of-my-life did not come to final SIP session today and I couldn't close the deal yesterday when we chatted (for a hot second) so my true love and I are not meant-to-be it seems. Tear.