Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 353: One down, two to go!

Two more finals people.

Physio was tough this morning but I'm tight with one of my professors and she "expected a high grade" from me so that was very sweet. She believes in my abilities, how kind. And she's super on point. My final was at 8am this morning. Final grades were posted around 2pm. Passed the class, so I'm happy.

Organic lab final tomorrow (on a Saturday, I know), a friend's birthday party, Organic final on Monday and I am done-zo! I will hopefully be hanging out with Joy at some point. Anyway, I have decided to give myself Monday to chillax (and some of Tuesday) and then I am studying hardcore for the MCAT. I am totally going to 47 the MCAT. (It's out of 45 but I'm going to rock it so hard they're going to have to give me two extra points :P)

I'm off to bed (because Organic lab techniques are boring as heck!) but I'll catch you all on the flip side.