Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 337: So many things!

Tuesday was the end...of Physiology...lab. It was a metabolic rate lab and that was interesting. I actually have a slightly low body fat percentage...which is interesting. Have you seen me? I'm not really "slightly below". haha, mainly due to the amount of food I intake. ...which is enough for an elephant. ...or a pack of lions.

Anyway, fun facts about el cuerpo:
  • As you all know, when your pee is yellow, it means you are dehydrated and your body is retaining water -- fun fact, I now know why that happens
  • Women should have about a 22% body fat (that is a healthy body fat percentage)
  • Women who have abs actually go below that 22% (crazy! Now it's "okay" that I don't have abs ;P)
There are more facts but I have so much to tell you all!

The main bit is that today's Physics test (the 4th out of 5 tests) was terrible. Granted, I personally thought it was as hard as our previous tests. However, it was so bad that our professor sent us this today...
Today's test was too difficult, and that is my fault. I feel that you all deserve an apology from me for having that test, and I am sorry for not being more careful with writing the test. The test will be graded and curved, but I'm not sure that a curve will be enough to fix the problem. Most likely this test will be weighted significantly less than the other tests in the semester. I'll discuss all this in more detail in class on Friday, but at least don't spend the next two days worried about your performance on today's test.

Again, my apologies for that test, in hindsight it was not really appropriate for this class.
Crazy right? And the more that I think about the exam, I realize that I completely bombed it. And not Jessica-bombed it, but hardcore, regular ol' person, bombed it. I completely missed the second problem solving question. Missed meaning zero. ZERO. I don't get zero. I at least get partial credit. So yeah. It was a good thing I was so darn busy today because if I had real time to process that exam...I probably would have freaked out. Bad.

At this point, I've got bigger fish to fry so I'm going to watch some TV now and then do some Organic and more physics and physio review soon.

Just wanted to keep you all posted.

Thus far/today, Jessica is sane. Yay!