Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 339: The end is near!

I remember last semester and how I couldn't wait to go home. That same feeling is here but it's not as prevalent as it was last semester. I think it a lot of factors are at play, the main ones being: last semester I was breaking up with all of my friends, this semester I'm so overloaded with stuff to do that I don't really have time to think about home. I think about home all the time, of course, I just don't think about me at home. I have many loose ends to tie up here in G'boro so I need to get those sorted out.

Anyway, I held a "big" SIP session today and 20 or so kids came. It was great. It's a nice 80-degree Friday and they stayed to get their chemistry knowledge straight. I really appreciated it. And this kid I think is SO cute came and he loves me so we're good ;P

Physio quiz next Monday, Organic exam (last one!) on Friday. Lots of learning in between. I'm watching some "Office" and "Bones" now and then it's onto a whole lotta review.