Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 322: Rejections and other things of note

I have officially been rejected from every program/internship I applied to. I don't remember hearing back from UCSD but I'm pretty sure it will be (or was) a rejection. Meh. I wasn't holding my breath for any of this stuff.

Anyway, my Physics exam yesterday went fine. I know I got some wrong but I didn't feel as bad about the exam afterwards as I have in the past.

I watched the Carolina-Michigan State game yesterday with JB. I think he loves me. I mean, duh, I'm fabulous but he needs to get his act together.

Anyway, go Tarheels! Yay for a fifth championship! ...they're no UCLA (with 11) but they're trying ;P

Physiology quiz tomorrow morning and then I'm home free. No class on Friday due to Good Friday. Gotta love the religious days off.