Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 1891: Happy May Day!

Hola todos! Today was the day of my Medical Spanish final. The final is comprised of conducting a medical interview, in Spanish. People. I have enough trouble conducting a medical interview in English (and remembering all the questions to ask). In what universe do you think I can perform one in Spanish?!

Luckily, they were swell peeps and they told us the six possible cases we would encounter:
  1. Back pain / el dolor de la espalda
  2. Hypertension / la hipertensiĆ³n
  3. Depression / la depresiĆ³n
  4. Abdominal pain / el dolor del abdomen
  5. Asthma / el asma
  6. Diabetes / la diabetes
My main preparatory concern was vocabulary. Luckily, they allowed us to bring in a 3x5 index card with whatever we wanted. I ended up being lazy and not even bringing a card. It worked out because I got a fairly easy case -- asthma! I think my unnecessary stress about this actually showed me two things. 1) They prepared us pretty darn well for this final. We had already gone over a lot of it in the previous four weeks of classes. 2) I stress out about things I don't need to stress out about. El caso de asma fue facil!

Oh, before I forget, the final also involved food! Delicious, delicious food of Spanish-speaking countries! Tamales! Corn tortillas with pork/chicken and guacamole and salsa and all the accoutrements! Churros! There was so much food (and of course I ate so much) that they sent us home with some. Way more for me than anyone else! (See below.) Food and a final. You know, I would be much more okay with final exams if there was food involved :)

Yes, that is an entire package of tamales I get to take home!