Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 1895: A crazy Cinco de Mayo thus far

Hey all, I volunteered at Saturday Free Clinic today. And let me tell you, was it a day or what?

Long story short, I saw some very interesting patients today. I'm not sure how much detail I can get into without getting myself in a lot of trouble, so let me say this.

My first patient was intersexed, and my second patient had a whole string of issues (diabetes being one of them) and was just trying to see if all his/her medications were a) necessary and b) more affordable.

I wish this post could be more interesting, but I feel like the previous paragraph set up an idea for how crazy my day was.

And happy Cinco de Mayo (aka fake American-made holiday for Mexico/Mexicans) but a definite happy birthday to my pal M (who doesn't actually read this blog but it's fun to shout out birthdays, non?)