Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 1898: The end of the Wordpress conversion.

 In an attempt to convert this blog to Wordpress, I ended up deleting the domain name ontoanmd.wordpress.com FOREVER.

Here is the background, I have liked Wordpress for quite some time now and have constantly considered switching over. I decided today was the day to try the conversion. However, when I converted all of these posts over to Wordpress, they looked funny. After finagling with it for an hour, I decided that it wasn't looking right and I would deal with it another time. So, I thought I would delete it. What I wasn't fully reading was that by deleting blog and the domain name, I was, well, deleting the domain name. Now, if I ever want to convert this blog to Wordpress, I will have to either hyphenate it or purchase the ontoanmd.com domain for $18/year.



I suppose it doesn't really make sense to convert or purchase a domain name anyway. I will be a doctor in three years time and then what will happen after that? No more "on to," just a regular MD!

Okay, good logic, team. Good logic.