Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 1898: My home!

Before I forget, do you all like the fun little additions I have put on this blog? I realized while writing yesterday's post that I couldn't remember where I posted about my previous shadowing experience. Thus, a search bar was born.

And a fun translate button so that my parents (and maybe my family in Taiwan if my Dad has forwarded this link to them?) can actually comprehend most of what I write. I tend to write from my brain and it's very convoluted in there so who knows if any of the English I write actually makes sense. Et, un translator!

BUT. On to the fun!

I can't remember if I've shown you all where I live. I don't plan on suddenly giving you the big tour today. What I am going to show you is all the new things I have recently procured to make my room more homey and fashion-forward.

A new lamp to provide 1) more light, 2) more fun!
(I don't know why it looks so distorted in this picture)

New duvet cover! Loud and bright -- like me!

Fun switch plate. It's the little details people!

A candle to provide yummy smelling ambiance.
The weird lamp on the right is a fun star projector!

A fun gallery wall with Lucy, a recently acquired Florence
poster and a fun illustration from a blogger I like.