Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 1900(!): Summer To-Dos

Hello all. I wasn't planning on posting this until later, but today is Day 1900 of this blog and my journey. I just had to write something!

Whilst perusing one of my favorite blogs today, I saw that she wrote a little summer to-do list. I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea. Mainly because, as a medical student, this is my last summer. EVER. (Next summer I have my first board exams and then rotations begin in July, and then it's doctor-dom all day every day after that.) Here we go!

Summer 2012 To-Do List

Image taken from 9to5Chic
  1. Visit the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco (see image above).
  2. Learn how to use my new paparazzi-ing friends, family and sights.
  3. Visit people! Like my best friend in Indiana!
  4. Be outside more -- eating, walking, anything.
  5. Tailgate (something I've never done!) before a baseball game.
  6. Study a little bit for boards. (Only a little! It's summer!)
  7. Explore Milwaukee! Like the Third Ward, for example.
  8. Whittle down my closet.
  9. Books. Read some. Re-read some.
  10. Play tennis! (Danny wants to, so there's a guaranteed partner.)