Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 1126: Baby Sister's Graduation!

For those of you who read my blog, I assume you know me. I have this amazing younger sister who is just the bee's knees. She is, by far, cooler and better than me in every regard. Except maybe fashion but even now I try to dress like a 64 year old white man so maybe she does have me beat ;)

Anyway! Baby sister graduated! From college! Keep your applause until the end, please. She graduated with a degree in public relations and a minor in international business. She's just the best thing you have ever seen. I don't know how she keeps her awesome under wraps, but it always peeks out so we know that it's there. The graduation itself was pretty boring, as all graduations tend to be, but I screamed pretty darn loud when they called her name!

So, that was that. She goes to school near LA, so on Sunday, I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market (pictured below) with my sister and my friend and saw this person (the second picture):

I love her more than anything. She looked super normal (not thinner in real life) and did normal things like eat overpriced pretzels and mull about the stalls. My sister mocked my friend and I for being so amazed at her normalcy, but honestly, when you're famous, after a certain amount of time, you forget what normal is like. You expect things. Like umbrella holders (people, not objects). Or free stuff. Stuff normal people don't have. So.

Dear the actress from "The Notebook" and "Mean Girls" (that's who that is in case you can't tell), I love you. Thank you for being normal and relatable. I apologize for stalking you for half an hour, but I tried to be covert. I did not sell this photo to TMZ and if they try to take it, I will sue them for not asking my permission (note how I haven't written your name in an attempt to save you from internet psychotism and TMZ stalking me). I respect you and your privacy (despite taking this paparazzi photo). Love, Me


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who is this person? I have no idea!