Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1122: I suck.

I know this. I was on vacation and didn't really have much going on except vacating my mind of any real thoughts so I didn't end up blogging. I'm going to split up all these posts so it looks like a) I'm a regular blogger (lies!) and b) so you aren't bored out of your mind from reading a post that should have ended four sentences ago.

Summary: In six weeks, I was in six different cities, in six different states. I'll break up the posts accordingly. I arrived home Sunday night and have been up to things also! I think I'll update you on that since it's most recent and more relevant since vacation is over and done with.

I'm home. I'm hanging out with the 'rents. I've seen friends. I've done errands. I am volunteering at my yoga studio for FREE YOGA (pure bliss). I'm reading books. I'm enjoying the nice weather. I'm getting back into daily NPR listening sessions. It's a good life.