Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 1124: New York, my one true love.

I was in New York for eight days. It had been two years since I had been. I need you to understand how at home I feel in New York. It feels like I'm whole. And if you've met/hung out with me in the last six months, I am very, very whole. I'm a little intense in my wholeness. Imagine how complete I feel in New York. It's just a very comfortable feeling. Walking the streets. Finding new things around every corner. Eating and gaining back all the weight I lost doing yoga. Seeing friends. It's all just a wonderful feeling that I have decided I have to find my way back post-med school. Have to. Must. Absolutely necessary.

I had to get a new phone while I was there so I lost my pictures when I synced my old info onto my new phone. Luckily I saved these to my email. The rest were just photos from the Met and the "Celebrating 100 Years" at the New York Public Library. It was sad at first, but these were my keepers anyway.