Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 1136: One month to go!

AHHHHHHH. I leave for school in T-minus one month! Eep!

My lovely baby sister (the one that graduated! From college!) had her birthday yesterday. Yesterday also marked one month until I drive into the midwestern sunset. As it becomes more and more real that I'm about to begin this journey towards helping people, I get a little freaked out. Probably not about what you think.

I can't even fathom what school is going to be like, so, as a result, I don't bother stressing myself out about that. What I can control (and kind of fathom and therefore kind of stress about), is the fact that I need to pack up my life, figure out what I am taking with me, what I am leaving on the west coast, what I will buy when I move to Milwaukee, et cetera et cetera. What I am really pressed about, at the moment, is all these Fourth of July sales!

One of the many stores having bed/mattress sales! Score!

Now that I am looking to purchase my first bed, I have noticed every single store is having an Independence Day sale on beds/mattresses. I had no idea America's independence was contingent upon mattress sales. I mean, is it really that surprising? We're some pretty lazy folk (not as lazy as those Europeans!).

So, the plan this weekend is to a) celebrate America's independence (watch fireworks, eat at BBQs, attend a soccer game with the family) and b) FIND A BED.