Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 072: The aftermath of chemistry

It's over. So very over. The final was long. Longer than long. The group and I were under the conception that the final was going to be something that covered more conceptual information and that if you really wanted to improve your grade, the final would be your chance. Wrong. We decided that if you didn't know it before, hopefully you learned it for the final because it was very calculation heavy and just longer than anything.

For me though? It was fine. I didn't go over it as thoroughly as I have previous tests just because I was so sick of it after going through my numbers the second time around. I would have had to screw up big time to lose my A so I'm very whatever about it.

The long convoluted formal lab report I did? It actually turned out really well. I think when I'm more apathetic about stuff (but still on point, does that make sense?) and just plain sick of it and ready to turn it in, that's when I do my best. Haha. I spoke to my lab instructor about it and she said that I may walk out of lab with an A+ ... which would just be absurd. She was great though. She pointed out that she wasn't giving anything to me and that I earned it and that's always great to hear.

So I have more thoughts and such but maybe I'll blog about those while I'm on vacation! I'll be home in California for two glorious weeks and I'll blog more about feelings and thoughts and fears and I know, you're all just titillated by the thought. ;)


Disclaimer: I do not watch this show. I just thought Zanessa
would best demonstrate the sheer joy that I have about
26 days of vacation/no school. So yes, scream & shout!