Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 097: The first day of the fall semester

Today wasn't bad. I had Physics, Organic and (hopefully, if I can add it) Bio lab.

Nick is not a fan of our Physics teacher. He calls him "Grandpa". He's got a southern, old, white Grandpa feel to him and that would be okay if he didn't seem rather, well, decrepit. Not physically, but mentally.

Huh? What?

He doesn't seem all there and I don't want to make him sound loosey-goosey so much as just ... not having all his marbles. He doesn't come with prepared notes to class and just writes whatever on the board and, quite a defection from my Chem 2 professor.

Organic was good. I was incredibly wary about the professor because his Rate My Professor ratings were not so hot. However, an SIP co-worker/friend said he was pretty chill and class was ... direct. Which I appreciated. He has an aversion to cell phones ringing in class and cheating (good things). He was a drop-a-test policy (also good). Class is only fifty minutes, four times a week and Nick (who sat in with me even though he's in another section) was wary about 50-minute tests (he needs all the time he can get, plus some) ... I think it'll be good. I'm hopeful. Here's to hoping my hope doesn't die :P

Lastly, Bio lab was wasteful. They had an assessment test at the end of lab today and let me tell you, I was pretty pitiful. They asked questions about xylems and phloems and carnivores and haploids and meiosis and yeah, it was bad news. They said it wasn't graded and whatnot but I realized I'm going to be paying lots of attention during Bio :)

And that is all. I hope you all enjoyed this scintillating recollection of today's classes. ;)

Oh, I also manned the SIP booth for a little and that was enjoyable. I'm really liking the program and the people and am extremely glad I decided to do it.