Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 068: So close to the end

Two tests down, one to go. And by one, I mean a final. Meh. I was a little worried about it earlier this weekend but it shouldn't be too bad.

To be honest, I'm just ready for all this crap to be over. So I can go home. And see my beautiful family and friends. And just relax. Like that shirt/reference I don't actually understand, "Frankie says relax!" That's what I'm looking forward to.

The second test on Thursday was fine. I made a crapload of mistakes but I saw them all and corrected them during the test so ... we'll see. At least there's that.

Anyway, this final chapter is on chemical kinetics (the rate at which chemical reactions happen) and it's pretty math heavy. We discussed derivatives/instantaneous rates on Wednesday and I was reminded that I really need to get my calculus mind back into gear.

Oh, and I hate formal lab reports. They're annoying, mainly because they expect them to be immaculate but they only give us two days to do it. Whatever, lab's over on Tuesday. So close.