Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 103: The first weekend of the fall

It's labor day weekend and I'm hanging out with my boyfriends -- Biology, Physics and Organic Chemistry. I've gotta tell you, it's been a scintillating weekend. (Note the sarcasm)

However, more 411 on my classes.

Biology is going to be a little dry? Slow? The professor's the cutest woman you'll ever see but we're moving pretty slow but I think things will pick up eventually.

Physics sucks more than a vampire. The professor is old and scatterbrained and generally sucks. Nick hated him so much he's taking Physics at another university. (Yeah, he's that awful.) I'm dealing though. Class is only 50 minutes, 3 times a week so I just sit there and do Physics problems because that's going to be the only way to ingrain the concepts and formulas into my brain.

Organic is great. I was really worried about the professor but he's incredibly direct and organized and you all know how much I love me some organization. I'm currently doing book problems and am somewhat impressed with my drawing and naming abilities.

2,4-dimethylhexane anyone?

Mmm, my SIP course (Chemistry II) is going well. A friend from SIP (let's call him Kevin) is in that class and he's the best. He's actually way too smart to be there and we just pal around during class and it's good. A student asked me a question on Thursday and I felt all smart and appreciated and wanted. As Kevin joked, "it sounds like you almost knew what you were talking about." Which I did. I also did give her a little misdirection which I will correct when I see her Tuesday.