Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 1885: On exercise

If you know my father, then you will know that one of the main things he stresses to me is that I exercise. He says it will help me relax and help clear my mind and other things that med students probably need. Well, he's right. I make it a regular habit to exercise at least half-an-hour each day and it makes such a huge difference to my focus and just my body in general.

Because, here it goes...out the strangest of all cases, I have managed to lose weight since moving to Wisconsin. I mean, let's be real here people. Who loses weight when they move to the land of cows and cheese? Apparently this girl. And it should be known that I eat more burgers, fries, cheese and other not-so-good-for-you things than I ever have before. Granted, that's also petered with oatmeal, salads, and sauteed-vegetable-and-egg concoctions so I guess there's some rub with your...whatever the saying is involving "there's the rub."

I was talking to Danny about it and he thought that perhaps my weight loss was due to the fact that in a world of information-overload, where I am learning absurd amounts of information every day, taking the 30 minutes to exercise is the one thing I can control. So, as the control freak I am, I do. I do yoga. Or I run. Or I do some Nike Training Club workout (perky butt! Abs! Toned arms!). Basically, carving out an hour (tops) to work out is something that I make sure I do because in all of this information overload, exercise is the one time that I actually cannot think about science. And granted, that's only semi-true because on my run yesterday I was thinking about how once I hit about 50% of my maximum oxygen consumption, my heart beats faster (instead of just increasing stroke volume aka increasing the amount of blood that flows to my body) to get O2 to my body. But anyway, that's neither here nor there.

Don't worry everyone. I'm sure once this post goes live, I will officially start gaining all my weight back. Oh goody. Just in time for summer! Pools! Bikinis! Sun! Oh my!