Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 1871: Happy April 11th!

Yes, it is April 11th. What makes it so special? Uh, hello! 4-1-1. Today is the day I am going to cram information into my petite little brain. (Fuuunn fact, I made up this entire statement but it sounded pretty natural, non?)

Anyhoo, I had a very strange Tuesday (April 10th). I learned stuff in neuroscience, then had to perform my medical interview (have I told you all about this class? It is a class where we have a standardized patient (aka an actor who has a script to follow about their medical symptoms (i.e., back pain) but can act it out however they want (i.e., screaming in pain or just sort make achey-looking-faces)) and we have to interview them...kind of like real life), then was critiqued more than my fellow classmate who also interviewed the same standardized patient/actor (which set me off to a weird mood), then fell asleep in a study room that had the heat blasting, and then woke up in a very strange state. I woke up feeling very very anxious. And generally fuzzy. And completely not with it. I then had to study a tad, then go to Spanish (where I was late because I forgot seventy-five different things) where I was completamente unfocused-ado, then I ate my paltry meal for the day because I have not gone grocery shopping yet this month (paltry = 3 carrots, hummus, greek yogurt + strawberry preserves, SunChips I bought from the vending machine), and then I was still in a weird unfocused mood. After talking to Dannykins, where I was still in a terrible mood, I finally, slowly, near the end of our conversation, got my sh!t together.

So, I bailed on working out because I was feeling sleepy and wanted to get a good night's rest so that I could attack 4/11 with a ton of 4-1-1, and instead, I have found some weird second wind and am still awake. I refuse to thwart this streak of learning, so...I'm not sure what I am going to learn right now but I am going to learn something. I'm sure this will mess with me tomorrow but. BUT! The mind is mightier than the body so I am going to try this willing thing people talk about and I am going to will myself into staying awake/learning/exercising/learning more/not dying from information overload.

Sounds fun, eh?

P.S., this intensity for the Day of Information is because I have exams next case you couldn't figure it out from the sheer everywhere-ness of this post.


P.P.S., expect some picture posts soon. Words are so boring.