Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 1878: Good news, for once!


So, my neuroscience exam on Monday went decently. I killed the exam portion but the lab portion came straight out of left field so I didn't do as well because of it. And you know what? I was 110% okay with that. The lecture portion of exams and exam-taking itself have been a true struggle for me these past 8 months and it is nice to know that, for once, I owned the exam portion. I had to close my eyes and breathe a couple of times, while reminding myself that a) I know this and b) I just have to trust myself and my gut, but it was all quite worth it in the end. The score didn't match my knowledge (yet again), but definitely not to the same degree of discrepancy.

Onto the "WHEEEEEEEEEE!" -- I got an 89 on my physiology test! For someone that has been struggling on her last two exams, an 89 is a freaking synonym-for-godsend! Danny has been telling me for months that he believes in me and knows I can do it and it took some good old fake-it-'til-you-make-it to get me to that point where I am actually starting to believe that I can do it. I know, I know. What have you been doing these past eight months, Jess, if not doing it? And to that I would have to say, barely surviving. I have to tell you what a great motivation this is. I mean, not at the moment for my cell tissue biology exam on Friday, but in general. I feel very confident that I am going to do well on my final exams for physiology and neuroscience. Not without hours upon hours of preparation and studying, but I plan to do what it takes to succeed and believe in myself to the absolute fullest.

Yay for good news! And yay to Jess for making it through her first day of bikram yoga teacher training!

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I am so proud of you! It's never going to be easy, but hard has never stopped you. You're amazing and you got this!