Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 1861: Happy April Fool's!

Darling Jess, thanks for the push to update, haha.

My roommate's parents are currently in the living room hanging out with my roommate so I can't really study. Thus, a blog post.

WARNING. This will be a long post. Try to keep up ;)

Shadowing: My mentor is an ophthalmologist. The different between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist (who both look at eyes), is that my mentor can perform (laser) surgery. Being an ophthalmologist doesn't seem too strenuous, which could be good later in life. However, one of the most surprising things to me regarding the patient population is how common diabetes is in her patients. Diabetes, so what? Well, she stresses the need for her patients to take care of their blood sugar because diabetes can cause increased pressure on your eyes and you can imagine the bad effect that can have. Overall, it's been a really great experience thus far. My mentor is great and I am really enjoying the clinical exposure!

School: Le snooze. The schedule for the last two blocks is much easier than it has been. I am really not enjoying school lately because I understand the material and feel all smart and crap when I learn, but it is painfully obvious that I am a terrible test taker. I doubt my gut or I think too much about the question or, worst of all, I rationalize myself into the wrong answer. I know none of you ever respond, which is fine, but I am asking sincerely for any input you all have about test-taking. No joke, I got five questions wrong on my last physiology exam because I changed my answer from the right one to the wrong one. UGH!

In other news, I am taking a Spanish medical course. It's a completely voluntary thing. I have class twice a week, 90 minutes each, and I learn more medically-oriented things in Spanish. So, things like vocabulary and learning how to conduct a medical interview in Spanish. It's pretty sweet. And I'm enjoying it a lot. I forgot how much I miss Spanish.

Okay! The roommate (and her parents) have left! TIME TO FINALLY GET STUDYING!

Talk soon! PROMISE.


Jess said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

No problem! Thanks for taking the not-so-subtle hint. :)

Test-taking is not my academic forte, as we all know, but I remember the SAT/GRE books always said not to second guess yourself! For questions you feel able to answer on the first read through the test, go with the first answer you think is right. For ones you're not sure about, narrow it down and come back to those ones. But not the first category--second-guessing just results in over-thinking!

Love you!