Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 1843: Lost phone!

Hello dear reader...s. In a completely sober state this weekend, as the designated driver for my friends celebrating the end of exams and beginning of spring break, I managed to lose my phone in a club. So. Goodbye ipHone. If any of you have been trying to contact me, please email me in the next few days until I get home to the Bay Area to buy a new phone. I have been using my sister's android phone to contact the important people in my life and I do not like it, haha. My sister mocked me saying "I'm not sure if you should get this phone, you suck at it." Well, SISTER, ...you're right. I suck at android phones. I'll probably just get Siri (aka the ipHone 4S) and be done with it. So, if any of you want to chat, just email me. I'll check it eventually.