Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 1837: To snow/study or not to snow/study.

Snow/study. What the heck is that Jess?

Welllll. Thanks for asking. It is 10:15. I have been awake since 8am, studying for my physiology exam tomorrow. I will leave for a quick run in about 40 minutes because it is 50-degrees outside. 5-0. Not 20, not 30, but 50. FIFTY. Remember this? That was two days ago. Most of the snow has melted and the weather is confoundingly warm.

Also, I am tired of studying. I know I need to. In order to review. And I'm sure I could use the studying (even though I have been way on top of studying for physiology this block, it's still a lot of information). But I am lazy. Luh-hey-zee.

Let's hope this run helps me get my act together and reinvigorates my desire to learn. As we all know, medical school waits for no one!

See you all tomorrow! Post-exam, home-free and very soon after, home-bound! :)