Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 1197: Paging Dr. Jess

The other day in Anatomy lab, we had several hand surgeons in lab helping us with our dissections. They were all extremely capable, knowledgeable and didactic. As the lab period began to wind down, our professor spoke to us using the overhead microphone. "Doctors, it is past 4:30. You should all probably get going. You are all welcome to stay but it's good if you take some time out for yourself."

I said, aloud, "No. Don't go! We need your help." And then I realized, he was talking to us. The students. Then I started to chuckle. They keep calling us student doctors and if/when we shadow physicians and begin our rotations two years from now, patients will be calling us "doctors." The idea is so crazy to me that my first thought when our Anatomy professor spoke to us was that he wasn't even speaking to us. I wonder when being called "Dr. Jess" won't be such a crazy idea and it will seem more fitting.

I imagine that will happen when I find the remnants of my imploded brain and can begin piecing together both my brain and the information I'm supposed to retain in order to be a future-physician.