Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 1188: Learning galore

As previously stated, it has been go-go-go since day one of medical school. I have been reviewing my genetics like crazy (see pictures below) because of a quiz we have tomorrow. I have heard that genetics is fairly easy course, but that doesn't stop me from being prepared. Who goes into a test feeling cocky? Confidence, fine. Cockiness, you're asking to fail.

In other news, I forgot how distracting the internet can be. I do love having it though. It's especially nice to be able to look up school stuff at my whimsy instead of waiting until I get to school to do it.

Also, I have chit-chatted with some pals. Case in point, my friend M (whom I visited in Ohio earlier this year). She is just so light and wonderful and level-headed and we're so similar! She understands how much I don't want to socialize with my classmates and how much I would rather stay in and be lazy than go out and drink-and-party on a Friday night. I love being understood. Sigh. Anyway, she's got some tough stuff going on, and she's dealing with it like the amazing woman she is. It's just nice to reconnect with people who get you and, hopefully, you get them.

Anyway, back to the studying. On the agenda for tomorrow:
  • Run before class
  • Shower, prepare my snacks for school, caffeniate
  • Arrive at school early, ace my quiz, have two more genetics lectures after the quiz
  • Free lunch during student organization presentations
  • Lots of anatomy (and lots of feeling overwhelmed)
  • Home. Studying. Lots of it.
  • (Probably lollygagging on the internet at some point)