Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 3059: D-Day Explained


I hope my D-Day post made sense to you all. I was basically live-blogging while I was waiting for every page to go through (and I refreshed each one at least 3 time). To clarify anything that was clearly unclear...

The online applications for residency have been open since July. Since then, we have all been diligently working on our eighth draft of our personal statements, collecting our numerous letters of recommendation, inputting all of our extracurriculars, etc. September 15th, therefore, was D-Day. The day we could finally apply. Well, clearly (and I mean crystal clear), every single continental medical student (at least) had the same idea of submitting their application the second the programs began allowing submissions. The only problem is, this application service is clearly not run by anyone with any tech-savvy because the website crashed within 5 hours. Like Nuremberg crashed. To the point where they did not re-launch the website until the next day.

Why all the drama to submit on Day 1, Minute 1? The rumor on the street is, top programs only download applications once. And typically, within the first week of applications opening. So, for the people with crazy good test scores and AOA (Alpha Omega Alpha, the medical (student) society that recognizes the top 10? 15? percent of every class) and all that crap that I so evidently was not, this is their chance to a) stay at Harvard, b) get in to Harvard, c) Harvard Harvard Harvard. In addition, when you submit can be seen by programs (supposedly) and this apparently means something? That you can get all your schtuff together? That you are timely? That you are Type A, anal-retentive? Who knows with these programs? All of medical school and residency is so nebulous. It would drive a person insane attempting to figure out the annals of what makes these institutions tick.

So, the moral of the story is, I submitted before the website crashed. So, I will expect Harvard to call me personally to congratulate me on my ability to press refresh tenteen times. ...and then offer me an interview. kthx.


Jess said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Even if Harvard does not personally congratulate you, I do!!!! And I know I'm obviously just as important as Harvard. ;)