Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 3057: D-Day

07:35 CST

 07:37 CST

07:57 CST

08:30 CST: This has been my morning thus far. I have managed to actually access my account, but am having a buttload of trouble trying to submit my application and then actually apply for residency. Today, as I'm sure you can gather, is D-Day -- the day residency programs begin accepting submissions. This feels very Apple-iPhone 6 to me, meaning, students are allowed to submit at 9am EST and I am assuming every medical student from here to Timbuktu is trying to submit/apply as we speak, hence the server overload and 10-minutes to get from page to page. Sigh. I wish someone had told me to submit my application this weekend so I wouldn't be at Step 1 of this fifteen-million-step process (I am overexaggerating a tad).

08:46 CST: While reviewing my application (woo-hoo! Thirty minutes to make it through three pages!), I noticed a tiny grammar error. I made the executive decision to let it go (I forgot a possessive adjective; 'my' to be exact) because everything else was perfect and I need to get this thing SUBMITTED.

08:47 CST: Application submitted successfully!

08:51 CST: Trying to access the Programs tab to begin applying.

08:53 CST: This is about the sixth time I have seen this page. The link varies each time, but this is where I end up.

08:55 CST: I have to pee. But I am afraid to leave my computer. These are #medicalstudentproblems.


09:06 CST: I am so close.


09:10 CST: So. So. Close.

09:12 CST: WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?! Go 'back' and possibly be charged $1590 instead of $745? Re-access the website?