Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 2069: Broken hearts

Hello. I just took my cardiac pathology exam. Ooph. It was the very best.

This craptastic professor is so detail-oriented! Details would be one thing, but I can tell you, after this exam, I know nothing about cardiac pathology. This woman teaches so poorly, I honestly didn't learn a single thing. I memorized a bunch of crap (lot of good that did me) and it's about to fly out of my brain so that I can study for my ethics exam tomorrow and the big kahuna of an exam (also known as block 2 of pharmacology) on Friday.

I'll be happy passing, because honestly, I have bigger fish to my 175+ drugs in pharmacology.

Wish me luck!

Edit [12:26pm]: Interim test scores are up. A pass. Okay. I'll take it.