Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 2061: People suck.

Yesterday, while volunteering for Saturday Free Clinic, helping patients receive the health care they need and seek, my wallet was a patient...from the break room.

In three hours, these a-holes racked up $540 worth of crap across all of my debit and credit cards.

I was surprisingly calm about the entire things. The clinic managers felt terrible about my wallet being stolen. All my banks were very helpful in canceling those cards and sending out new ones. Danny was livid. And, of course, as the universe has it, my close friends from school and home happened to check in that day and they were both very supportive of my entire attitude towards the robbery. And what was my attitude? It doesn't make a lot of sense coming from me (read: a shopaholic) but it's just money. I had about four dollars in that wallet. Debit and credit cards are easy to cancel and replace. The only remotely important thing in that wallet was my insurance information and my ID. Luckily, I have already (or know how) to deal with both. To add to the optimism, they only took my wallet. They left my pretty scarf and my pharmacology notes! My notes! Those babies are gold. And, thank goodness I took my phone out of my purse. You know those a-holes would have taken an iPhone. Stat.

This experience has informed me to never bring anything into the clinic and people are kind of sh!tty. I already knew one out of the two.