Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2056: Oh hi!

Hello. I am postponing my post-gym shower (which I already did by making my lunch for tomorrow, making an entire bunch of kale chips that I proceeded to toast-too-much and therefore had to eat them all, and talk to Danny) by blogging. It's been 12 days. I really need to be a better blogger.

I have a lot to blog about! I was having a crappy first week post-exams, focus-wise. I was uber-focused last week because my best friend in the entire world came to visit me! We had a ton of fun eating, hanging out, gossiping, doing our nails and being awesome best friends. I LOVE HER!

Let's see, this week is more focus and more work. I feel like I had actual emotions to discuss but they have left me. I am in a wedding in three weeks (luckily after exams). I am volunteering at the Saturday Free Clinic this weekend. I am studying a lot for exams. I am exercising.

Oh my gosh. Homeland is back on the air. I may have cheated my way through Season 1 (coughreadallthesynopsesbecauseDannywouldn'tletmewatchalloftheminarowalsoknownaskeepingusupallnightcough) but Danny and I are officially hooked on Season 2. I live for Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. I kid you not. At the end of the premiere episode on Sunday (don't worry Mom, I am studying. Let me have one hour of TV a week) I shouted, "I am only alive one hour a week and that hour is 9pm central!"

Later this week, pictures of my life!