Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 2077: The weeks ahead + catching-up

As expected, medical school waits for no one. I am elbow-deep in school stuff. Four pathology lectures, three pharmacology lectures and a bunch of required classes/sessions to attend tomorrow and Thursday.

For whatever reason, the teaching staff has decided to make Block 3 two-and-a-half weeks long for pathology and three weeks long for pharmacology. So, what does that mean? There is no time to lollygag!

It's a good thing I have friends coming in to town, that's always a great studying impetus! My pal Alex is visiting from home to hang out with me (and possibly some med students) for Halloween. She is, unfortunately, coming right when the weather drops to the mid-40s (as a high!), but it should still be a fun time. We're going as fairy-tale themed people so look out for those pictures next week!

A good friend of mine informed me that her boyfriend and she would be renting a car while they are in Chicago next week so they plan to come up to Milwaukee! Yay for friends! Yay for more intense studying...? ...!

Also, Jess and I caught up today via our free iMessage (apparently she got an iPhone while we were being poor keepers-in-touch). It was lovely to get the updates on her life. Miss you!