Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 2027: Late night gyming conundrum.

I went to the gym at 11pm today last night (apparently it is Thursday and no longer Wednesday). I was pretty tired and worn out from studying and the gym was very invigorating. However, now I am awake, with little desire to study (this is why I no longer gym at 7pm, the rest of my night is shot for studying!) and just not quite willing to go to sleep yet.

Anyway, in other non-gym news, my darling friend Sandy is getting married and she invited me to be in her bridal party! I am honored and so gosh-darn excited for her!

Pathology exam on Friday at 2:30pm. Who tests that late? I should be out shopping for joy (or sorrow, depending on how the exam goes) at that time of the day.

I highlighted my hair. I was going for the ombre hair effect, but the stylist said that it would actually be more maintenance than I thought. I need to take a good picture of my hair and then I will show you all what the new hair looks like.

Oh! They posted the pharm exam answers and it looks like I passed! This "pass" entails me assuming they will give me zero partial credit for my answers and also assuming the answers I got "wrong" were actually wrong and not one of the possible answers they just didn't write down.

Now back to more not-studying-and-not-sleeping. I promise to write a more scintillating blog post next!